Our services

Passenger transport

Self-employed drivers drive you to your destination in their own cars or, in the case of larger groups, minibuses. Tariffs and travel time are fully transparent.

Electric vehicles

Beep endeavours to ensure that its car pool is as green as possible. In the cities where it operates, special charging points are reserved for its vehicles.

Persons with reduced mobility

Beep adjusts its transportation conditions to less mobile or wheelchair-bound customers. This service is supplied by drivers with adapted vehicles.

Airport trips

Flying from Deurne or Zaventem? Beep makes sure you are able to check in on time and travel hassle-free to your holiday or international business destination.

The Beep app

Our user-friendly, easy-to-navigate app is central to Beep. It can be easily downloaded on any type of mobile. After that, booking on Beep is child’s play. The app also calculates the price of the ride. You pay this amount on arrival via the app, in cash or by card. Transparent and clear.

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Is Beep cheaper?

Beep takes into account the time factor of a ride. This means the price does not go up if you’re caught in a traffic jam. Beep guarantees that 80% of its rides are cheaper that its competitors’. The Beep app always calculates the pickup time and duration of the ride, taking into account as many traffic-related factors as possible.

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