What is Beep?

Beep is an independent online platform based in Antwerp which uses only self-employed drivers. A user-friendly app ensures its huge popularity. We also have years of experience and expertise in this sector. Beep uses a solid dispatch system that is manned round-the-clock. With the easy booking app, this ensures smooth and reliable service.

Are you a Beeper?

Beep is for anyone who needs to reach a destination comfortably, on time and at a fixed rate, whatever their age: young people having a night out, families on an outing, pensioners needing a lift to their weekly card game. Beep is also ideal for tourists and business customers.

Who are the Beep drivers?

Beep works exclusively with self-employed drivers for whom it may be a main or secondary occupation. We ensure quality by means of thorough screening, our internal regulations, in-house trainings and regular inspections. Customers also make a contribution by rating their drivers online. The better a driver’s scores, the more work they get from Beep.

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What’s good about Beep?

Easy booking by app, website or phone

Fixed rates

Discounts for specific groups

Transparent pickup times

Transparent arrival times

Central support: dispatch system, GPS tracking and log

Reliable, competent self-employed drivers

Operates in the Antwerp area

Next: a network in all of Flanders

A wide, well-maintained range of (environmentally friendly) vehicles available

Customised transport available